How did you get started?

Take the leap. Photo by Erik Dungan

I typically try to keep my blog posts full of information that will help you move forward, make decisions, or educate you on the process of making apparel. That’s because that is the kind of information I would want if I were creating something new. Recently someone wanted to know how I got started doing what I do now.

Back in the start of 2016, I was in my eighth year of a corporate apparel job that I was then doing on auto-pilot. I often got to the office without thinking at all, sometimes wondering how I got there. (Don’t worry, I was using public transportation.) I could do my job and manage my team successfully without much effort. I was busy but bored. That was when I realized it was time for something new. Not just a new position, but something totally new. I had always wondered what it would be like to work for myself. I gave it a couple months more thought and decided to take a huge leap. I was going to resign to start my own business. Leaving that job was terrifying but I knew I had to do it.

I wasn't quite sure where to begin so I started with a much-needed vacation. Soon after, people who were launching their own brands got referred to me by friends for my advice. I happily gave away hour-long free consultations in the beginning since I had never been self-employed before. Luckily, I learn fast, and I realized I needed to charge the next person that wanted to ‘pick my brain for a while'. I kept doing that and business has slowly grown from there. I have not had any zombie “How did I get here?” moments in the past 2 years now because every day is different.

If you have any more questions you'd like me to blog about, request these via the contact form at Thanks for reading & have a great day!

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