About the Founder

Jessica founded Rise Apparel Development in 2016 after working fourteen years of her career in the corporate fashion industry in New York City and Seattle. From brand launches at Victoria’s Secret to reworking key item styles at Nordstrom, she's turned sketches into stylish cost-effective product under quick timelines. Months at a time have been invested working in factories overseas in places like China, Indonesia, Colombia, as well as in the US, gaining knowledge of many types of manufacturing processes. Jessica has worked as a head designer, technical designer, product developer, production manager, team leader, and now, business owner. She has an assistant and an accountant on board at Rise so your projects get her undivided attention.

Community & sustainability are very important to her.  She spends her free time working in her organic garden at a community P-patch growing fresh produce for the local food banks including the Rainier Valley Food Bank and St Mary's. Whether it's seed to food or concept to product, she offers the one on one connection that helps you grow in a way that is sustainable. See the Services section and submit a Contact form to get started working together.

Jessica Sweeney
Jessica Sweeney
Owner & Founder

About You

We primarily work with businesses who have learned how challenging it is to bring a product to life. The people who run these companies value quality, service, and results over other factors.

Who we've worked with recently:

  • A business owner who had a win on Shark Tank and needed a private label designer for a few months

  • An entrepreneur who needed support with ordering and coordinating bulk parts to a factory

  • A small business who wanted resourcing of better fabrics and trims for their existing garments

  • A CEO who needed an independent contract designer while their business grows to the next level

  • A VP of an apparel brand in need of part-time remote technical design help

  • A brand owner who was ready to scale up from low volume production to large scale

  • A Founder who needed help resampling her unique tote bag idea

  • A CEO who's garments kept arriving flawed and required an in-line factory review to solve the issue

  • A Manager at a large company that had a tech pack project too big for her team

  • A brand that wanted a consultant to analyze and rework their existing styles to get better costs

Business Team
  • Do any of these sound like you? Fill out the contact form to request a call and find out if our businesses are a match. Visit our Home page to read reviews and see a few brands we work with.

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