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Now offering tech pack only services!

The moment you've all been waiting for... tech packs à la carte! What's a tech pack? Here's a short post I wrote up describing one - It's like an architectural blueprint but with instructions on how to make clothes instead of a building. Manufacturers use them to make your product to your requested specifications.

We had previously only been offering this option to existing clients as we know they understand what goes into bringing good product to life. The tech pack is very important but what you do with the tech pack is what ultimately makes the end product. Tracking down the right materials and the right manufacturer or factory are key.

Let's say you take your finished tech pack and send it to three different manufacturers. All three samples will come out slightly different. This is due to each sewing plant works in their own way. The method in which the fabric is cut may vary. The order the pattern pieces are sewn together might be a variable too, creating a slightly different look at the seam lines. Handling is different with each sewist, based on their experience and skill set too. Normally, we like to test this on our side to make sure a good looking sample is provided with the finished tech pack. There has been feedback that some folks want to shop around on their own. Now that is an option.

General guidance with fabrics will be provided for the tech packs only service upon receipt of a reference swatch, but not factory specific sourcing. For example, maybe what you need is a polyester/rayon blend woven twill in 200gsm weight, or maybe it's an organic 16oz cotton duck with DWR finish. Then you don't have to worry about this - We'll also help suggest if a different fabric might work better for the end garment.

Technical drawings plus construction details written in the manufacturing language are included like the one in this example -

For measurement specs, we'll need some sort of reference sample or prototype to gauge the fit. It does not need to be professionally sewn - your mock-up sample will work.

Pricing will be flat rate as always with the price based on what you are making. There's no minimum on the number of tech packs. One style is workable. For 15 or more styles, we offer a bulk discount and the option to remove our logo from the tech packs. Once we have had a consultation call, received all samples and swatches in the mail, and signed a contract, turn around time is about 2 weeks right now.

Ready to make some tech packs with us? Just fill out the contact form here and we'll get back to you soon - Let us know on the form if you'd like to see a sample and we'll send you a pdf!

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