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COVID-19 update from RAD

When I put up the last blog post on March 2 on the way to LA for the textile show, I did not expect I'd be writing one like this just a couple of weeks later. I hope that those of you reading this are healthy and as well as you can be right now. May your hunts for toilet paper and hand sanitizer be fruitful.

At Rise Apparel Development, we are already obsessive about cleanliness and sanitization. Desks, tools, and machines are wiped down regularly and will be done so with daily (or more) frequency now. We are set up in a way where we can self-isolate in the office and work remotely with our assistants and sewing support. We plan to continue working normal business hours as usual. The only adjustment for now may be a delay in lead time. Several of the fabric suppliers and factories we work with are running on low staff or are temporarily closed. We're also letting packages sit for an extra day or two depending on when and where it shipped from since the virus can live for 24 hours on cardboard. The duration of how long the virus lives on fabric depends on the fabric itself, as some materials are more porous than others. We also read about how it can live for two or three days on plastic and stainless steel*. Zippers and other clothing components are often made from these materials.

It is undoubtedly a challenging time, but we are hopeful that we, as a community, can get through this by taking care of ourselves and others. As the situation evolves, we’ll update you again. Please know that we are still working to provide you with the best service during this stressful time.

Be well,


PS - Please save the medical grade N95 masks for the health care professionals. Want to learn how to make your own masks? Visit and scroll down for English instructions and a helpful video.

PPS - Seattle locals who have a sewing machine and can use it - please join us in making masks for local hospitals. More info here

3/24/2020 Update - Governor Inslee has asked all non-essential businesses to close for the next two weeks to assist in reducing the spread of coronavirus. This means all of the cut&sew contractors we partner with will be closed as of tomorrow. We'll still be working on development, such as design refinement, sketching, material sourcing, tech packs, patterns, parts orders, and anything sewn in house. Pre-production and production samples from factories and manufacturers in WA (and CA too) will be delayed by at least two weeks or more. Thanks for your patience and understanding.


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